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King’s-Edgehill School is Canada’s Oldest Independent School Founded in 1788

"We chose to work with eyecandy for their abilities in both classic craft and technological edge. They were able to create all of our signs in the aesthetic we had imagined, and very quickly as well."
-Steve Porter, Administrator, King's-Edgehill


DIRECTION: KEH sought a solution that reflects the school's rich history and values in its signs.

SCENARIO: This growing campus is a stunning mix of modern and historic buildings on 65 wooded and landscaped acres overlooking Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. The school had recently taken on significant renovations and new construction.

PLANNING: Great care was taken in establishing design parameters, to ensure a unified identity could easily be applied to signs which will need to be added to the system over time. As the campus continues to develop they will need new marker, building, and road signs.

SOLUTION: Field, building and road signs. We decided on the traditional look of v-carved text finished with 23k gold gilding and a classic scalloped edge. Our Matthews Paint system ensured a perfect match for King's-Edgehill's red and blue. These design elements are carried through amongst all of the signage. 

REMARKS: "The architectural details in the Convocation Hall in particular, inspired us to develop a sophisticated and classic look for the signs. At the same time, very practical parameters guided us as well. The school is growing, so the sign system needed to be easy to maintain and expand. The cohesive design parameters of the King’s-Edgehill’s sign system will make ordering new signs as easy as sending us the dimensions and text."