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Moksha Yoga is a community of hot yoga studios across Canada, the United States and Trinidad.

"I was excited to work with eyecandy. I had lived in Halifax for a number of years and had seen eyecandy’s work throughout the city. The signs are so artful and beautiful you can’t help but notice and remember them."
- Joanna Thurlow, director of Moksha Halifax


DIRECTION: Moksha Yoga Studio aimed to accurately reflect the character of the business with a strong series of signs.

SCENARIO: The studio is perpendicular to Spring Garden Road, Canada's busiest street east of Montreal and a visually noisy, distracting environment. The studio space has been beautifully renovated, but is housed in a building with little exterior appeal.

PLANNING: We consulted with the client to understand business agenda and messages, and performed a site survey including architecture, sight lines, traffic patterns and the competitive landscape.

SOLUTION: eyecandy SIGNS created a double-sided (projecting) dimensional marker, fascia marker, window graphics, sidewalk sign and sidewalk stencil.

REMARKS: "The double-sided sign is seen by both cars and pedestrians. It articulates the brand - joyful & approachable.The large scale of the fascia sign makes the sign visible from a distance. The window graphics invite you to look into the beautiful interior. The sidewalk sign is out during business hours and speaks to pedestrians, as does the stencil, which is fun to add in good weather."