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The Nova Scotia Nature Trust is the province's pre-eminent conservation organization for privately owned lands.  They are dedicated to protecting native bio-diversity and ecological integrity.

"eyecandy really 'got' what we were trying to do with these signs - they built on our design with a real intuitive flair."
    -  Sally Jo Gallant, NSNT


DIRECTION: NSNT required a sign system to share information, inspire interest and maintain community connection.

SCENARIO: The signs are located in natural environments, some of them fairly isolated and remote.

PLANNING: We held client consultations to understand the NSNT's vision, conducted site surveys to determine height angles and size, and sourced the best materials sourcing for longevity and durability.

SOLUTION: Interpretative, road and marker signs were made of fiberglass with inlaid screen printing, and included a sandblasted logo and pin mounted information/photos. 

REMARKS: "The NSNT's design was different than what you might expect on a trail.  There is a contemporary sensibility. We worked to represent this aesthetic within a sign system that would still feel relevant and organic. The signs are bright blue, but they are matte. The sandblasting creates a compelling tactile presentation, and people do love to touch these signs! They have a strong appeal. We worked with fiberglass for durability, but we curved the signs across the top. We were inspired by the NSNT's value statement 'our work is true and our work is lasting'."