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How much does a sign cost?

The shortest answer would be: "between $200 and $50,000", but that's not very helpful is it? There really is no simple answer to this question.  The cost of a sign or sign system comes from a number of factors that can vary widely.  Examples of these factors are materials, complexity of design, and quantity of signs. eyecandy SIGNS can help you plan signage that achieves your goals within a realistic budget. Get in touch with us, or Customize Your Sign to get some ideas.

How long does it take for eyecandy SIGNS to produce a sign?

Smaller sign projects, such as digital print, can often be completed within a day. For a bigger project (main signage), three to five weeks would be typical, but we can often accommodate rush jobs. Your decision-making and review process will be a significant part of the turnaround time. Availability of materials may also be a factor.

How long will my sign last?

Your sign will last as long as you need it to. We can offer you various approaches and material options to achieve your goals within your budget, but all of our materials and hardware are high quality and durable.

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